Artist Services

RECORDING LABEL & DISTRIBUTION: The Perfect World LLC will sign selected artists to an independent recording label and distribute product into major outlets both in retail and internet. The Perfect World LLC Record Label will offer our professional clients a chance to be creatively and musically developed, produced and packaged by our exceptional team. Our management team will also represent and negotiate our signed clients to other major labels and major international distributors.

PUBLISHING: Loose Arrow Music Publishing (LAMP) is another department that will offer songwriters a chance to sign their songs to our publishing company to be recorded by other singers, bands and musicians. Loose Arrow Music Publishing is licensed through BMI International. Carl (Owner) has a catalog of original songs that are published through LAMP. LAMP will also be signing songwriters to the publishing company that will support The Perfect World LLC record label. Our management team will also shop our song catalogue to major artists looking for new material.

ARTIST MANAGEMENT: Our management team works alongside of the recording label to represent and assist our signed artists and see that their best interest is looked after in all aspects of the music business.